The PHE Network



Supports its members

To develop collaborative initiatives

That improves the health

Of both people

And the environment

PHE is a holistic approach to sustainable development,
integrating family planning and other health services
with community-based natural resource management and biodiversity conservation efforts

Enabling couples to plan and care for their families 

Advancing community health 

Improving food security and diversifying livelihoods

Promoting gender equality

Managing forests and fisheries sustainably

Protecting ecosystems

Madagascar’s national PHE network unites health and environmental actors
working in some of the island’s most under-served and biodiverse zones:

PHE network members

people currently engaged in PHE initiatives across Madagascar

marine and terrestrial biodiversity hotspots

Madagascar’s national PHE network connects, inspires and supports its members to develop collaborative initiatives that improve the health of both people and the environment

Facilitating the development of new PHE partnerships between health and environmental organisations

Building the technical capacity of members to implement high quality PHE initiatives that uphold human rights

Collating and communicating nationwide PHE results, effective practices and lessons learned

Engaging with policy makers and funders to create an enabling institutional environment for further PHE uptake